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Training rescue in confined space

Course: Training rescue in confined space
Duration: 8 hours (1 day, lunch included)
Participants: maximum 6

Preliminary training: Working in confined spaces

Focus group: workers who need to know how to rescue from confined spaces in the case of an emergency

Theoretical part:

  • Refresher working in confined spaces
  • Permit system & rescue plan
  • Dangers of confined spaces
  • Safety measures rescue confined spaces
  • Interpretation of measurements
  • Introduction entering
  • Rescue actions and emergency situations

Practical part:

  • Use and functionality of various PPE’s and systems
  • Actions in normal situations (entering, working and normal exit)
  • Communication
  • Victim support
  • Actions in emergency situations Handelen in noodsituaties (entering, working and normal exit)

Exam: Theoretical knowledge will be tested with a written exam. Practical part will be tested with a case in our training facility. Certificate with PSL label following satisfactory performance (Validity of certificate: 1 year)

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