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Climbing and working at heights Warehouses

Course: Climbing and working at heights Warehouses
Duration: 8 hours, lunch included
Participants: minimum 6, maximum 8*
Level: 1
* may deviate due to safety and proceeding participants

Preliminary training: none

Focus group: workers who work at heights in high-rise warehouses 

Morning program:

  • Legislation on climbing and working at heights;
  • Explanation about effect and use of various personal protection equipment;
  • Inspection and maintenance of fall protection;
  • Experience hanging in harness.

Afternoon program:

  • Provisional ladders, cage ladders and lifting ramps;
  • Unsafe work situations 
  • Practical exercise with various fall protection systems and equipment;
  • Demonstration rescue resources and handling emergencies.

Exam: 30 multiple choice questions; Certificate with PSL label following satisfactory performance (Validity of certificate: 1 year)

Follow-up courses:

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