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Climbing and rescue at heights

Course: Climbing and rescue at heights
Duration: 8 hours, lunch included
Participants: minimum 5, maximum 6
Level: 2

Preliminary training: level 1: climbing and working at heights
Focus group: workers who work at height and need to manage a rescue operation independently

During basic training and retraining, we will use the rescue devices:

Morning program:

  • Basic theory for rescue at heights;
  • Awareness about danger with a rescue operation;
  • Learning to minimize risks with a rescue operation;
  • Managing the emergency and its effects;
  • Repetition theory use of fall protection systems and equipment;
  • Repetition legislation climbing and working at heights;
  • Instruction rescue operation.

Afternoon program:

  • Practical exercise rescue operation and handling emergencies.

Exam: 15 multiple choice questions; Certificate with PSL label following satisfactory performance (Validity of certificate: 1 year)

Follow-up courses:

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