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Why is training a necessity?

According to health & safety regulations, as an employer, you are obligated to provide for:

  • a safe workplace (article 3)
  • correct equipment for all activities (article 3)
  • adequate training for all staff (article 8)
  • a rescue plan (article 3)

Working with fall protection implies extra risks. To establish a safe workplace, active cooperation with your employees is essential. If you are unaware of an unsafe workplace, your personnel will run extra risks and work inadequately.  

Training your workers provides knowledge of rules and regulations (legislation) about working at heights. Above that, your staff will familiarize themselves with the PPEs for fall protection they work with, and they will understand the safety margins of each piece of equipment. As a result, you can rely on them to indicate precisely which safety equipment are necessary to carry out safely their activities.

The correct equipment and training do not imply that you can sit back and relax. Another obligation is a rescue plan. Counting on the emergency services is more that often ineffective. When working at heights, your employees may be in a place the firefighters are unable to reach. Be sure to consider this when you compose your HS&E plan?

Validity certificates

We believe that everyone who works at heights should train to work safely. The validity of our certificates is based on our experience as a training authority. Throughout the years, experience has taught us that people tend to perform activities in an unsafe manner because they fail to consider them as unsafe. A refresher course of (half a) day keeps you keen and perceptive.

What do workers know after following a Safe Site course?

  • basic knowledge of legislation of working at heights
  • how to handle influences of external factors at heights (e.g. weather, surroundings)
  • knowledge of commonly used fall protection equipment (e.g. lanyards, positioning lanyards, fall arrest blocks, vertical and horizontal systems)
  • possible consequences of a fall and the risks of hanging on conscious in a harness
  • working with and on ladders and cherry pickers, specific techniques for warehouses, telecom and wind turbines (viz. various courses)

Which courses does Safe Site offer?

Safe Site provides a variety of courses: modular, industry specific (e.g. GWO training) and custom made. The advantage of a custom made course is that workers are trained for specific tasks that apply to your company. 

Our courses are offered in three levels:

  • Level 0 is a basic training for safety at height
  • Level 1 is a theoretical and practical training for climbing and working at height
  • Level 2 is a follow-up training for rescue and evacuation

During your annual training you can offer your personal protection equipment for inspection.  Please register for your work at height course via training@safesite.nl.

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