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Sala Python™ Safe bucket

Use the Sala Python™ Safe bucket to lift tools to your worksite at height in a safe way. Hoisting the bucket on a separate line relieves you from the burden to carry the heavy tools on your harness. The safe bucket features: 

  • Innovative hook and loop closure system with a ‘lockdown’ mode and ‘easy-access’ mode. When green tabs are lined up with the closure system, the bucket is easily opened. When red tabs are lined up, the bucket is less prone to accidental opens.
  • Puncture resistant composite plating sewn into the base of the bucket protects the bottom
  • 6 built-in connection points with max. 4.5 kg load each for tethering and safe use of your tools

This video shows the practical use of the Sala Python™ Safe bucket.


  • capacity: 113.4 kg
  • puncture resistant base
  • heavy-duty shoulder strap for hoisting 
  • provided with twistlock carabiner
  • material: vinyl

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