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Klinch ™

Klinch ™ is a revolutionary system for managing hand tools when working at height. The patented system consists of attachment points worn on each wrist and docking points worn on your fall protection harness. Attachment points can also be screwed to a structure at height. Connect the line with the locking system to your tool (max. weight 3 kg). This locking system allows the user to carry tools up safely without the risk of them falling. Tools are constantly connected, even when changing hands or changing tools. 

Klinch ™ has many advantages:

  • lower risk of injuries with workers
  • reduction loss of tools
  • lower risk of damage to properties and installations
  • time saving because no need to retrieve lost tools
  • practical and easy in use
  • easy access to hands free work environment
  • if tool slips, it will only fall 20 cm

Klinch ™ is not designed to intercept body or tools above 3 kg in weight.

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