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EuroMaster platform ladder

The Branach EuroMaster is a platform ladder provided with fiberglass stiles and a reinforced platform. Ideal for flexible usage in a work-related environment where safety is key. Thanks to the building materials and the design, the step ladder is lightweight and foldable. This makes the EuroMaster portable climbing equipment. Fiberglass does not conduct electricity allowing the user to work safely in an electric environment. 

Besides its lightweight and robust design, also the adjustable legs and the stabilizing system makes the EuroMaster unique. The safety ladder is available in two models, both complying with the EN 131-7 standard.

  • EuroMaster Premium Platform with raised legs
  • EuroMaster All Terrain Platform with all-terrain adjustable legs

Both models can be upgraded with accessories such as lever actuated castors, front split rail, extra rear safety rail, your company mark, and a tool tray. A version specially designed for the food industry is also available.

In the brochure, you can find an overview of the dimensions and many options. For more information, feel free to contact us. We gladly assist you to find a safety step ladder that meets your requirements.

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