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Skylotec Rescue Pro 2.0

With the knowledge and experience of rope access technicians and industry professionals, the Skylotec Rescue Pro 2.0 was developed as an ideal full-body harness. The harness is provided with sensible ergonomics and features: V-shaped back construction with comfort padding, integrated and changeable rope clamp, loops for sit board attachment and optimal workplace organization and an attached rescue knife.

Brand Skylotec
Type Rescue Pro 2.0
Article # G-1083-AL
Size XS/M, M/XXL and XXL/5XL
Certification EN 361, EN 358 and EN 813
Weight 2600 g
Max. capacity 140 kg (one person)

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  • rope access
  • wind turbines
  • offshore
  • rescue at height

Recommended combinations:

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