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TSL rescue kits

The TSL rescue kits can be used for self-rescue and evacuation from height in any industry, but have some remarkable advantages. TSL distinguishes two types:

  • The SRK-15® is a personal self-rescue kit, mainly used when you find yourself in an emergency situation that requires extreme fast evacuation and time is of the essence. The key advantage of this kit, appreciated by its users, is the high heat aramid fiber rope and anchor that are both heat and chemical resistant.
  • The SPARK (Small Packaged Assisted Rescue Kit) is a component-based rescue kit used mainly as an additional system to rescue and evacuate your colleague or a victim during emergency situations including ladders or platforms at height and a wind turbine hub, blades or from the top of the nacelle.

Watch the demonstration video on YouTube.

The TSL rescue kits are fully certified and come in various lengths. We gladly point out the many other advantages and specifications of both kits. Please feel free to contact us for more information and a personal advice and offer.

Safe Site BV is an authorized training provider for Tech Safety Lines’ CE Certified products sold in the Netherlands. Please visit Tech Safety Lines’ website for more information about the SRK-15®, a micro self-rescue kit, and the SPARK, a small package assisted rescue kit.


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