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ISC D2 Evacuation kit

The ISC D2 Personal evacuation kit is provided with the D2 escape descender which has a ‘Double-stop’ function. The D2 descender has a sweet spot in which descent speed can easily be controlled. On either side of this sweet spot, there is an auto-lock function. One if the user lets go of the handle and the other in a panic situation, if the user pulls the handle too hard. The micro-descender actually stops the descent, rather than just slowing it down. 

When back-feeding the rope, the D2 can be used for smooth ascending or for emergency hauling (when used as part of a 2:1 ‘Z-rig’). The Descender is compact and lightweight, allowing the user to carry it on his harness at all times.

Click here for a demonstration of the ISC D2 descender.

Available personal evacuation kits:

  • D2 descender, polyester rope, Dyneema sling, zip top pouch and 2 twistlock karabiners
  • D2 descender, Technora rope (fire-retardant up to 500º C), Technora anchor sling, zip top pouch and 2 twistlock karabiners


  • standard 15 m working length. Other lengths available on request.
  • kits assembled with knotted termination. Sewn terminations available on request.
  • maximum load: 100 kg
  • weight 493 g (rope excluded)


  • EN12841, NFPA

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