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Petzl Grillon Hook

The Petzl Grillon Hook is a lanyard with a fine adjustment system for precise positioning. Double mode use on the harness’ lateral attachment points (user has weight on his feet), enables the distribution of the weight on the belt. Single mode use on the harness’ ventral attachment point enables the distribution of weight between waist belt and leg loops (user is suspended). This line is NOT equipped with a shock absorber and is unfit for fall protection solely. 

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Brand Petzl
Type Grillon Hook
Certification CE EN 358
Max. capacity restraint only
Article # L52H 002 L52H 003 L52H 004 L52H 005
Length 2 m 3 m 4 m 5 m
Weight 625 g 735 g 815 g 895 g

Safe combinations:

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