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Neofeu L series

Neofeu L is a portable load arrester, efficient in use for many branches such as industry, theatre and events. The device offers additional protection when the primary systems intended to restraint or transport the load fails. Neofeu load arresters work on both static and moving loads through the automatic retracting cable. In the case of a fall, the brake activates and locks the load on a short distance. 

The user manual of Neufeu L is available here.

Brand Neofeu
Type L series
Certification 2006/42/CE
Article # Max. load Length Weight
NCHLL200 200 kg 15 m 10 kg
NCHLL250-10/A 250 kg 10 m 6 kg
NCHLL250 250 kg 12 m 11 kg
NCHLL300 300 kg 12 m 12 kg
NCHLL400 400 kg 12 m 14 kg
NCHLL500 500 kg 12 m 16 kg


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