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Protecta Pro welding

The Protecta Pro™ welding lanyard is designed for high heat environments. Fire and sparks are a major concern in jobs such as welding, cutting, electrical maintenance and other high temperature applications. The Nomex® / Kevlar® fibre webbing is resistant to fire and sparks. 

Brand Capital Safety
Type Protecta Pro™ welding
Certification CE EN 355
Max. capacity 100 kg

Single lanyards

Article # Anchorage Length
AE5215KBF scaffolding hook 1.5 m
AE5220KBF scaffolding hook 2 m
AE5215KBB twist-lock karabiner 1.5 m
AE5220KBB twist-lock karabiner 2 m

Double lanyards

Article # Anchorage Length
AE5315KBF scaffolding hooks 1.5 m
AE5320KBF scaffolding hooks 2 m
AE5315KBB twist-lock karabiners 1.5 m
AE5320KBB twist-lock karabiners 2 m

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Safe combinations:

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