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Skylotec Inceptor

Skylotec offers 2 Inceptor models, an industrial climbing helmet for every conceivable situation.The GRX comes with an integrated venting system, while the GRS High Voltage is closed and protects you from electrical hazards. Both models are provided with padding for maximum comfort and a gear rack to tether accessories.

Brand Skylotec
Type Inceptor
Diameter 54 - 63 cm
Material PC/ABS (shell)
Certification EN 397, EN 12492


Model GRX
Weight 450 - 458 g
Article # BE-390-12 BE-390-01
Color white orange


Model GRX High Voltage
Weight 414 - 461 g
Article # BE-392-12 BE-392-01
Color white orange

Watch this video for more information on the Skylotec Inceptor helmet and additional accessories or please contact our sales department for your questions.

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