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Sala Nano-lok Twin Leg

Sala Nano-lok™ Twin Leg is compact and ergonomically designed for ease-of-use and is ideal for direct connection to most harnesses. Very practical for use in the wind industry, as it allows a sideward load. The Nano-Lok™ locks quickly and stops a fall within centimeters, providing more protection at low heights.

Brand Capital Safety | Sala
Type Nano-lok™ Twin Leg
Certification EN 360
Max. capacity < 6 kN
Article # Anchorage Lifeline hook Weight Length
3101270 twin leg connector  aluminium rebar hook (2) 2530 g 2 m
3101296 fixed twin leg connector aluminium rebar hook (2) 2530 g 2 m
3101298 twin leg connector aluminium scaffold hook (2) 2390 g 2 m

Learn more about the Nano-lok™ in this Capital Safety video.

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