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Miller DuraHoist 3Pod System

Miller DuraHoist 3Pod System is a complete solution for work in confined spaces, adaptable to manholes from 1 to 2.50 meters. The 3Pod is tested for 2 persons (up to 140 kg each) and comes with 4 anchorage points located on its head as well as 2 pulleys fixed on the legs. The system is lightweight for easy transport and compact for storage. 

The 3Pod system can be enhanced with various accessories such as winches, brackets, and cables to a multifunctional device for working in confined spaces and rescue and evacuation. Please find more information on the accessories in the brochure, or contact us directly with your questions.

Brand Miller
Type DuraHoist 3Pod System
Aricle No. 1034430 (excl. accessories)
Certification EN 795/B 2012 (CN/TS 16415)
Max. capacity 2 persons
Dimensions 1.45 meter when fully folded
Weight 16.5 kg
Materials aluminium

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