Soll Glideloc


Söll Glidelock is a very solid vertical rail system, available in thermal galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum. The system has been tested for a fall of multiple workers simultaneously and meets the EN 353-1 standard under all conditions.


Glideloc is absolutely user-friendly. The obviously named runner “Comfort” fits all rails and glides easily. During use, the runner is under tension. Therefore it will absorb part of the forces during climbing, which eases the load on climber’s arms.

Ladder and fall arrest combination

Glideloc is also available with an integrated climbing system. One variety comes with rungs attached to the rail. We can even provide retractable rungs. Another variety is equipped with a complete climbing ladder. 


For the safety and comfort of users, we provide several accessories fitting all rails and combinations with climbing systems. For instance, order an extra device for safe access to the ladder or rail or a resting platform.


The large variety of support brackets and anchors enables installation of Glideloc on numerous surfaces and facades, providing that these are strong enough, for example steel and concrete.

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