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Cabloc Pro climbing system

The Cabloc™ Pro vertical climbing system by Protecta is one of the best vertical cable systems in the business. The system fits on ladders and other vertical constructions where frequent access is required and offers many configurations. Although Cabloc™ is often applied in the telecom and wind energy industry, tailor-made solutions on a variety of vertical constructions is a perfect option.

Advantages of Cabloc™Pro:

  • Anchorage in galvanized and stainless steel
  • Simple connection to harness for easy and quick access
  • Applicable to constructions with an incline up to 15°
  • The cable is supported at 7 - 10 m intervals (depending on total system length) with intermediate cable guides 

The fall arrest devices specifically designed for this system follow the user automatically offering hands-free and can be detached from the cable at any point. The system has been tested for a fall of multiple workers simultaneously and meets the EN 353-1 standard under all conditions.

This brochure shows extensive information about Cabloc™Pro

A Cabloc™ system may include:

Please contact our Installations department at phone number +31 78 69 33 499 (or e-mail: installatie@safesite.nl), and we gladly inform you about the best configuration for your situation.

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