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Working safe at heights does not limit the site at height itself, but applies to the access route as well. To gain proper access to a higher location, Safe Site offers three types of ladders:

  • Portable ladders
  • Cage ladders
  • Fixed ladder

Cage and fixed ladder are mostly custom made to a perfect fit. Our portable ladders are chosen from a standard collection


Most ladders supplied by Safe Site are aluminum built, because of the light weight en flexibility and above all they are relatively easily custom made. Upon request, steel, stainless steel and plastic ladders are available. All fixed ladders meet the NEN-EN-ISO 14122-4 standard, while the portable versions meet the NEN 2484 and EN 131 standards. 


For the safety and comfort of users, we provide several accessories. For instance, order an extra device or fence for safe access to the ladder. For portable ladders fixing points or mount brackets with or without lock are available.


The large variety of support brackets and plates enables installation of cage or fixed ladders on numerous surfaces and facades, providing that these are strong enough, for example steel and concrete. 

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