Uniline Uni-16

Strong as iron

The Uni-16 system by Uniline is unique in the business. The fiber cable with neoprene cladding resists a pull force of no less than 76 kN (ca 7,5 tons) and is, therefore, very suitable for long spans. The system has been tested for a fall of multiple workers simultaneously and meets the EN 795 standard under all conditions. After installation, all support brackets of the Uni-16 system will be submitted to a tensile test.


The Uni-16 system is suitable for both fall arrest and fall restraint applications, ensuring the worker a safe work site at height.  Even when the connecting cable is too long, or when working at the corner of the building the support bracket is strong enough to stop and absorb a fall. Moreover, the system has been constructed for free flowing bypass capability for workers who can navigate corners and contours in buildings, by using the Unigrab or Uniwheel. Systems with corners do require shorter spans. 


The neoprene cladding of Uni-16 system is available in colors: grey, black and orange. This way fall protection blends in with the building's environment, or when choosing orange highlights safety zones. For example by marking the 4 meter zone on rooftops. 


The large variety of support brackets and anchors enables installation of Uni-16 on numerous surfaces and facades, providing that these are strong enough as for example steel and concrete. Please feel free to contact us if you require further information.

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