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Speedfix III

Strong as iron

The Speedfix III is a very strong stainless steel anchor point. It has been tested for a fall of tree workers simultaneously and meets the EN 795 standard under all conditions. After installation, the Speedfix roof anchor can be submitted to a tensile test.


The Speedfixx III roof anchor is suited for both fall arrest and fall restraint work applications, enabling the user to work safe at all times. Even when the connecting cable is too long, or when working at the corner of the building,  the Speedfix roof anchor is strong enough to stop and absorb a fall.

Cost effective

Thanks to the simple installation (single fixing point only), the Speedfix roof anchor is one of the most cost effective fall protection systems, meeting the EN 795 standard.

Advantages above ‘glued’ anchor point:

  • suitable for positioning and fall arrest;
  • submittal for tensile test;
  • fixed to construction / proven technology;
  • meets EN 795 standard under all conditions;
  • cost effective.

Advantages above ‘traditional’ anchor point (pole with base plate and 4-6 anchors):

  • single fixing hole to be drilled, resulting in minor risk of leakage, thermal bridge etc.;
  • stainless steel anchors;
  • compact size enables easy transport, minimal inconvenience during installation;
  • cost effective.

Many types of installation are available. There is a solution for every roof.

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