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Muuroog FP2C

Strong as iron

The FP2C is a very strong stainless steel anchor point. It has been tested for a fall of two workers simultaneously and meets the EN 795 standard under all conditions. It is appropriate for use during Rope access work. After installation, the FP2C anchor can be submitted to a tensile test.


The FP2C anchor is suited for both fall arrest and fall restraint work applications, enabling the user to work safe at all times. Even when the connecting cable is too long, or when working at the corner of the building,  the FP2C anchor is strong enough to stop and absorb a fall.


The FP2C anchor is fixed with a single M12 or M16 bolt or joint. Use of the right joints, brackets and plates enable installation of this anchor on numerous surfaces and facades, providing that these are strong enough, for example, steel and concrete. 

Cost effective

Thanks to the simple installation, the FPC2 anchor is one of the most cost effective fall protection systems, meeting the EN 795 standard.

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