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GWO BST course Manual handling

Course: GWO “Manual handling”
Duration: 4 hours
Participants: maximum 8
Ratio participant /  trainer:  8 : 1 during practice | 8 : 1 during theoretical lessons
Certificate: GWO “Manual handling” with PSL label
Validity of certificate:  2 years

Focus group: Persons who (start to) work in the (offshore) wind industry and who need to comply with the international GWO standard (Global Wind Organisation).

Participants receive answers to the following questions:            

  • Module 1 Rules and legislation
    • What rules do you need to consider when working at heights?
  • Module 2 Risks and dangers
    • What influence does the environment have when working at heights?
    • What risks do you need to consider in a turbine environment?
  • Module 3 Anatomy of the back and posture 
    • What injuries occur in muscles and bones? 
    • How doe a spine and shoulder work?
    • What can you do to prevent injuries?
  • Module 4 + 5 Planning lifting work and techniques 
    • What are the risks of lifting? 
    • What can you do to reduce the risks?
  • Module 6 Working safety
    • What are possible reasons for and consequences of injuries?
  • Module 7 Case studies
    • When is lifting safe?

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