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GWO Training

GWO Training


The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) is a cooperation between various large organizations in the wind industry. Together, they have developed a standard for basic safety training in the wind industry.

Are you obligated to attend a course for the Wind Industry? The GWO-course is the right choice for you. Even though the GWO-certificate is valid for 2 years, in many countries, regulations stipulate an annual training (refresher course). As an employer, you are obliged to comply with these regulations and subsequently, plan them yourself. Please click here for more information and for GWO contact information.

GWO certificate

Since January, 2014, Safe Site has been offering training according to the GWO standard. We have developed three separate courses. Each course provides special necessary knowledge enabling you to work in a wind turbine environment anywhere around the globe. Trainees will learn to work with fall protection and gain knowledge about safe evacuation and safe rescue.

Click on a specific course for more information about GWO-training.

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