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Innovation in hauling: HaulerBiner, the most compact and versatile rescue kit

September 19, 2016

What is the most important aspect of a hauling system for you? A compact set that is quickly deployed? Is lightweight of importance? Or versatility? Or are you interested in value for money?

ISC combines all these aspects in a new and innovative product: HaulerBiner compact Rescue Kit. After a long period of research, development, and testing, all pro’s have been combined in a groundbreaking set that provides the user the ability to haul, hoist, and use it as part of a pick-off system.

This is how it works

The three pulley wheels incorporated into each Karabiner, create a compact and lightweight 6:1 or 7:1 advantage hauling system The HaulerBiner also has a purpose-designed progress capture cam with, an ‘on/off’ position. The provided purpose-developed rope is 6 mm in diameter, offering optimal strength and easy handling. 


The new system is versatile in use. For example, as part of a pick-off system to rescue victims, combined with a descender as part of a hauling configuration, and as a tensioning system as part of a short-haul / long-lower system. Compared to similar systems by other brands, the HaulerBiner is more compact, the mechanical advantage system of 6:1 and even 7:1 is more advanced, and it offers value for money.

Order now

As valued partner for ISC in innovative and reliable fall protection equipment, Safe Site is proud to be one of the two distributors in the Netherlands. De official HaulerBiner launch by ISC is Tuesday, 20 September 2016. We are ready to take your orders.

This is where you can find more information and specifications on the HaulerBiner. We can imagine you might have questions or that you would like to know more about the HaulerBiner. Please contact us at +31 78 69 33 499 or safesite@safesite.nl.