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10 reasons to have your fall arrest blocks inspected by an accredited company

November 08, 2016

According to (Dutch) safety legislation (Article 7.4a. Inspections & NEN-EN 365 standard), personal fall protection equipment should be inspected at least once every year. With working at heights, using a non-inspected or non-approved piece of equipment may lead to injuries or even result in death.

Inspection and certification of fall arrest blocks are different from other fall arrest equipment. NEN 365 states that for specific equipment such as fall arrest blocks, the inspector should be educated by the manufacturer.

10 reasons to have your fall arrest blocks inspected by an accredited company.

  1. Fall arrest blocks come in many varieties and sizes, each with their functionalities. They are produced and offered by tens of brands worldwide. An accredited company recognizes the available types and knows when and how you can use them.
  2. Licensed companies who have been certified by trade organizations, quality labels, and suppliers are familiar with the standards and are always up-to-date on the latest developments. Ask your inspection company for their certificate or license (issued by the manufacturer). 
  3. Every manufacturer offers periodic training to inspection companies enabling them to certify fall arrest blocks. Inspectors receive a personal certificate and are familiar with all types that a brand offers or releases.
  4. During the inspection, in almost all cases, the inspector will fully dismantle the block. Every single part is checked and assessed. Also, the block is thoroughly cleaned, and, if necessary, parts will be lubricated. Only a trained inspector can distinguish original parts, knows which standard they need to meet and (if needed) how to carry out repairs. A certified inspector will never make any safety concessions and knows when to retire a damaged fall arrest block. N.B.: for some brands, a visual inspection and functional test suffice, for which inspector training by the manufacturer is required as well.
  5. For each brand of fall arrest blocks, your inspection company will maintain a list of original parts. Your certified inspector keeps stock of these parts or can order new parts promptly.
  6. An accredited inspection company is exclusively authorized to provide your fall arrest blocks with an official proof of inspection (label) and a certificate.
  7. A licensed inspection company will be informed at first by manufacturers of a product recall in case of technical defects due to product and/or design failures and other safety issues. 
  8. Product warranty remains in effect with the maintenance of your fall arrest block conducted by an official body only.
  9. A certified inspection company will register the fall arrest blocks you possess, as well as when they have been inspected last. You can request a timely reminder of upcoming fall arrest block inspections.
  10. An accredited inspection company holds more knowledge and experience than inspecting fall arrest blocks alone. Consult them for information on various products, which fall arrest block best suits your assignment, and advice on working with fall arrest blocks and training. N.B. Training is legally mandatory according to the duty of care and the user’s instruction issued by manufacturers.

Safe Site is one of the few inspection companies in the Netherlands accredited by nearly all manufacturers of fall arrest blocks. Consult www.valstopblokken.nl (Dutch) for more information on the need and relevance of fall arrest block inspections by a certified inspection company.  

We will inspect your fall arrest blocks at our site or your location. Book the inspection of your fall arrest block while you follow one of our courses. Feel free to make an appointment with our department Inspections: phone +31 78 69 33 499 or inspection@safesite.nl.