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Safe Site inspects and maintains your Delta Plus fall arrest blocks

January 02, 2017

A brand new year has started. We wish everyone a great, but, above all safe 2017.

Starting 2017, Safe Site increases your safety at heights. The unique position of our Inspection Department is growing in The Netherlands. To our portfolio of established brands fall arrest blocks, we have proudly added Delta Plus for maintenance and inspections. Also for this brand, our inspection center has been accredited, and you can bring your arresters to us for certification and service.

Safe Site gladly helps your with the following blocks:

Would you like to make an appointment for the inspection of your Delta Plus arrester, or for any other fall arrest block? Please contact us at  +31 78 69 33 499 or e-mail: inspectie@safesite.nl. We are happy to help you with any other questions you might have.