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Safe Site stands for a total concept of solutions for a safe work site at heights. The solutions always consist of the components: systems, equipment and knowledge.

Our choice to offer a total concept is no empty promise. Our units are chosen deliberately in order to gather accurate and adequate knowledge and experience for each unit separately. This way, for instance, we can respond to customer needs in trainings, compose a RI&E survey according to the valid legislation, and supply the latest fall protection equipment. By combining the knowledge from our units, we are able to excel which serves our customers best.


Safe Site aims at quality of knowledge and insight. Aside from the legal notices recorded in legislation, knowledge and insight makes the difference when searching for the best solutions. Not only basic knowledge of legislation, fall protection systems and equipment but above all knowledge of innovations, applications, use and experience.

A safe work site at heights should and can be available and feasible for everyone. This may sound evident, but, unfortunately, is not. Every year, work accidents still occur. Due to unsafe work at heights, these accidents only too often result in permanent injuries or are even fatal. Lack of knowledge is not seldom the cause. Let our knowledge help you to limit the risks. Your workers will perform with confidence, and lower leave of absence is only one of the results. Safe Site aims for a safe work site at heights for everyone. Your company included.